There’s this man I know,
He fills me up with love, making me glow.
He’s happy, he’s proud and a little mad too,
That his little girl was exactly like him, no matter how much she grew.

He shells out advice with the utmost care,
He’ll quietly judge what I wear.
The arms I hope will never leave,
The ones that’d never let me grieve.

He has a heart of gold,
He prefers shirts without the marks of a fold,
There’s a strength in him that is unparalleled,
As I watched him walk into the room, my heart swelled.

There’s an endless supply of love that he carries,
He never let me feel the need to believe in fairies.
at my every whim he raced,
makes sure my wins are showcased.

And now that i don’t see him everyday,
I don’t get to ‘bless’ him after i pray.
It makes me sit back and think,
About all the memories that went by in a blink.

I count down to the days we’re in the same house,
and maybe this time we’ll succeed in growing those sprouts.
I am lucky to have someone who makes me see,
What exactly a father should be.

-Poetic Heist


  1. So sad, yet so beautiful… fathers are really awesome, and sometimes we take them for granted, when really, we shouldn’t. Love this, and the rhyme scheme! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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